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than using credit on the OV-chipkaart. It differs from town to town which Sunday is the "koopzondag". There is a maximum tariff (about.00 curb call plus.10 per km traveled and it's built into the taxi meters. Mainly in Limburg - where carnaval is called "vastelaovend" - carnaval is celebrated very traditionally. The following fried snacks are considered typical for the country as well: Croquette kroket a crispy roll filled with ragout. No set ritual exists. Get around edit The Netherlands has a fine-grained, well-organized public transport system. All legal taxis have blue license plates. The best online routeplanner for cyclists can be found at 28 a wikiplanner made by volunteers of the Dutch cyclist union "Fietsersbond".

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Travel information edit - Journey planner for all Dutch public transport 19 - All public transport companies participate in the OV Reisplanner, which can plan a door-to-door trip for you using all public transportation types. This year more transport companies will participate, and Google will enhance the planner. When a Dutch person answers the phone, he/she will identify him-/herself by stating their first name and/or last name. (At this point I pause. Note though that NS boasts a punctuality of 85 (meaning that this percentage of trains departs/arrives within 3 minutes of the scheduled time which could be higher than you're used. For example, while Dutch coffee and chocolate can instil feelings of homesickness in expats and might be seen as "soul food fine Belgian chocolate and Italian coffees (espresso, etc.) are considered to be delicacies. The bike is then a means to see places and landscapes. In the bigger cities taxi drivers can be un-friendly to very rude.

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On Sundays, one is expected not to call before 10:00. It has links to this country's major cities and other destinations (and all are at usable status or better a valid regional structure and information about this country's currency, language, cuisine, and culture is included. Snapping fingers is considered very rude. History edit The southern part of the country was part of the Holy Roman Empire until it was acquired piece by piece by the Burgundians. Taxi drivers are licensed, but they do not, as of yet, have to pass a proficiency exam, providing they know the streets.


Audrey, Back from the party. However tobacco products can be considered cheap compared to prices paid in the. It should go without saying (but many people each year run afoul of this nonetheless) that before leaving the Netherlands ensure that you have absolutely no drugs-related matter in your luggage, in your pocket, etc. Gay and lesbian travellers edit As mentioned above, the Netherlands is quite liberal when it comes to homosexuality and by far is considered to be one of the gay-friendliest countries in the world. This process is called "ondertrouw". Bicycles must have working front (white) and rear (red) lights. They are the most experienced and most successful traders in Europe. If possible, use the guarded bike parking stalling at train stations and in some city centres. You might need special night-bus tickets so be sure to check the city pages. However, the delay is usually limited to 5 to 10 minutes. Where there is no cycle lane or path, use the regular road. When making a phone call, always state name (and, if appropriate, company name). Service fees and taxes are included in the menu prices. The process is straightforward and takes between 4 to 10 weeks. Both 9292ov 22 and NS 23 also have mobile sites. Below are nine of the most notable ones: Amsterdam impressive architecture, lovely canals ( grachten museums and liberal attitudes Arnhem green city on the Rhine: Sonsbeek, Veluwe and Meinerswijk, old quarters and mansions, cultural events Delft historic unspoiled town with the world-famous blue and white. By car edit A car is a good way to explore the countryside, especially places not connected by rail, such as Veluwe, parts of Zeeland and The North Sea islands. Heineken Dance Parade 32 - A big dance parade through Rotterdam. Hot chocolate edit Hot chocolate with whipped cream is a erotixx osnabrück badestring männer winter tradition in the Netherlands. It is considered inappropriate and unsanitary, therefore it is good manners to undress. City roads are narrow, riddled with speed bumps, chicanes and a large variety of street furniture (with knee-high, asphalt-coloured anti-parking poles being probably the most dangerous threat to paintwork as they tend to either blend into the background or be beneath the driver's view) Other. The "wietpas" weed pass which used to be a mandatory pass to be able to buy weed, is no longer in use. If you are in the Netherlands for only one day and want to see much of the country by train, you may want to get a "Dagkaart" (day pass for 50,80 (2014 valid in 2nd class on all non-surcharge trains in the Netherlands (thus excluding. Culture edit Quite a few travellers visit the Netherlands to enjoy its famously tolerant attitude: prostitution is decriminalized but only for those prostitutes registered at a permitted brothel. Road signs with directions are plenty, but having a map is useful, especially in cities where there are many one way streets, and getting from one part of the city to another is not always so straightforward. For international students, several scholarships are available. The shops can be crowded with people coming into town from outside the city. As these railway stations are not connected directly it can take a while to get to the city centre from there.

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